12 Springer Ave.

12 Springer, backyard view

12 Springer, backyard view

Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood less than one mile from the main office, the ladies of 12 Springer—Tina W., Susan H., and Iva F.—maintain a lovely 3 bedroom home that is perfect backyard for outdoor grilling.


12 Springer is very easy to navigate. The door to the basement is off the kitchen. In the basement (please notify your supervisor if lights do not go on automatically when you enter the stairwell), you will find a storage closet that contains cleaning and paper products to the right of the large walk-in shower, which is not usually used but can be. The furnace, shown here, is at the bottom of the steps.

To the right of the washer and dryer, you will find the electrical box, which looks like this. The water main, shown here, near the floor and to the right of the electrical box.