501 Thomas Drive

The first residence to be purchased by Laurel House, Inc. in July of 2014 is the home of Donald M., Bob M., and Randy L. who have resided together for nearly 20 years.


Be sure to get good directions before attempting to drive to 501 Thomas, which, while relatively close to the office, requires many turns to be reached.

501 Thomas is a 4 bedroom ranch with a beautiful back porch. In the closet of the bedroom closest to the door that leads to the garage is the integrated fire alarm box, instructions for which can be found next to the box and here.

The basement door is facing you as exit the bedroom described above. Lights should go on as you enter the staircase (notify your supervisor if they do not). The hallway to the right of the stairs leads to the laundry room which contains the furnace and the water heater, which is immediately adjacent and to the right of the furnace.

Exiting the laundry room and walking past the stairwell, you will see another door that leads to a bedroom. Look to the right as you enter the room and you will see a wall panel behind which is the water main.