The Group Home

Looking towards downtown from Main St.

Looking towards downtown from Main St.


The heart and soul of what we do, the Group Home has been our foundation since our inception in 1970. The Group Home is really the home of Charles “Chuck” L., Gladys W., Randy M., Daisy W., Brenda S., and Anthony “Tony” S.

This very large house itself is extremely old and has been seen in pictures of Uniontown dating back to the 1850s. You will need to spend some time in the basement where food and non-food items are stored.

If you enter the basement through the backdoor (behind the van’s parking spot), to your left you will see the water heater, which has a thermostat that should never read above 119 degrees (by regulation).

Turning to the right, and DUCKING, you will see the entrance to the rest of the basement. LOW HANGING PIPE IS IMMEDIATELY ON OTHER SIDE OF THE DOORWAY. AGAIN-DUCK.

If you keep walking past the food storage area, you will enter the non-food storage area. On the furthest left corner, note the electrical box.

Returning to the food storage room and walk through the other doorway (that does not lead back to the washer/dryer and water heater). To your left is the integrated fire alarm; ahead of you is another door (always closed) behind which is the boiler.

The water main is not accessible by staff. In an emergency, direct the proper personnel to the door next to the garbage cans that leads to a storage area under the home.