177 Bailey Ave.

177 Bailey Vitals

177 Bailey Vitals


The house that survived the Tornado of February 2018.   177 Bailey Ave. has been owned by Laurel House, Inc. since 2015.    Residents William "Bill" R., Loudie S., Brian T., and James "Jimmy" D. have lived together for a number of years.   


177 has an integrated fire alarm, the instructions for which can be found here.

177 Bailey is a spacious single-level ranch.  There is no basement.  The Electrical Box is located in the garage.  Upon entering the garage from the house, you will see the gray box to your left, on the left wall, immediately to the right of the side door, which is not normally used and should remain locked.   The furnace and air-conditioning units are also in the garage on the right wall, closest to the house.   There is also an outside air-conditioning unit located near the garage side door.  

Please note:  On the wall of the house near the exterior A/C unit is the dryer vent.  A lint trap must be securely attached to this dryer vent to prevent lint from going into the A/C unit.  Please contact your supervisor if you notice that the lint trap is missing and/or full to capacity.