Residing in spacious, modern homes expressly designed to provide safety and comfort, our Individuals learn the daily living skills necessary for a fulfilling and independent life.  24-hour live-in staff offer encouragement, support, and instruction and provide the care and attention that transforms the residence into the Individual’s home. 

To foster a dynamic and rewarding life with this Community, Laurel House also provides safe and reliable transportation for any Individual who wishes to have a job or participate in some other form of day-programming.




Home-Based services provide supports within and outside the Individual’s home.   Fully independent Individuals who reside in their own homes as well as those Individuals who reside with family members can receive Home-Based services, which can include a wide variety of forms of in-home and community support.  Individuals who receive Home-Based services go on community outings, participate in agency-sponsored activities and receive instruction and assistance in all daily living skills.



Life Sharing


Life Sharing through Family Living is an opportunity for Individuals to reside with a local family of their choosing.  Laurel House partners with the family to ensure that the home satisfies all licensing requirements and can function as a safe and comfortable home for an Individual who chooses to live there.  Laurel House also provides on-going oversight of the home and ensures that all Individuals who participate in the Life Sharing program are afforded the same opportunities for growth and development that are fundamental to our residential programming.

Please contact our Program Director, Ms. Linda Povlik, if you are interested in becoming a Family Living Provider.